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Sunday, July 5, 2020
Order of Precedence
 Order of Precedence  

Order of Precedence (OP) is a sequential hierarchy of rank. In the SCA, this takes the form of recognition of awards received, the rank of the award and when the person received it.

In formal events, the OP plays a part in how members are organized. For example: in Crown tournament, combatants and their consorts are presented to the crown before the tournament in their order of precedence.

In Atenveldt's OP, you don't need an award to be listed. Using photos and devices from many of our populace, it works as a who's who in Atenveldt. Feel free to explore.

Atenveldt's award charters are also kept in the Order of Precedence.  An award charter is part of Kingdom Law that formally declares everything about the award.

Abacus Herald
Submission Forms
If you are part of the populace and don't see yourself on here, you may need to correct your Order of Precedence Record
Contact the Abacus Herald at


Your device must be approved by the College of Heralds and found in the armorial.  To add your device, send your REGISTERED blazon, full SCA name, and email address to

Officer Positions

To change an email or a warranted office on your OP, please contact the Regnum Officer with a copy of the warrant.

(what regalia can I wear?)

Use these forms to register or change your name, device, or badge with the SCA College of Heralds.
Your local herald can help you with the submission process.

Name submission form

Device submission form

Badge submission form

More information is on the Atenveldt Heraldic Submissions page (external website)

The name search box for the online OP is permanently broken – please do not use it.

The workaround for this is to search the website using Google, as follows:

If you click here this will take you to a custom search engine that will search the op.

This section of our website is constantly updated.

 Order of Precedence Online  

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King's Cut & Thrust Champion

Kingdom of Atenveldt

(This is an honorary title.)

Award Charter

The Crown of Atenveldt traditionally selects a Royal Court to protect, defend, and assist Them during Their Reign.  These appointments are not warranted Offices of State as referenced in Kingdom Law, but are important positions held by individuals for the duration of one Reign (unless stated otherwise). Individuals holding these positions should be Honored for the Trust the Crown places in them, and Respected as important emissaries and representatives for the Crown.

The King's Cut & Thrust Rapier Champion of the Royal Court swears an oath of fealty when taking the position, has the Right to attend the Crown at Court (i.e., stand Court), and have the Right to bear the symbols of their positions as allowed by the Crown.

The King's Cut & Thrust Rapier Championship is:

  1. Traditionally chosen through a one-on-one tournament (often held a month before Coronation).
  2. The champion serves the Prince and Princess in their future royal court and assume court duties at Coronation.
  3. The champion swears an oath of fealty to protect and defend the King.
  4. The champion is responsible for running the tournament to select a successor.
(This was initially titled “Kingdom Cut & Thrust Champion”, Morgan Aethulwulf II decreed the title would henceforth be the “King’s” Cut & Thrust Champion.)

9 People with this Award

SCA NameDateGiven ByName on ScrollNotes
Malise MacKendry This person has a display of Arms in the record12/12/2015Casca Premier
Roland de Winter This person has a display of Arms in the record This person has a personal photo in the record5/7/2016Craven  
Heinrich Loescher von Rostock This person has a display of Arms in the record This person has a personal photo in the record10/1/2016Morgan  
Roland de Winter This person has a display of Arms in the record This person has a personal photo in the record5/6/2017Áilgheanán  
Taka Kensei This person has a display of Arms in the record This person has a personal photo in the record10/14/2017Marek  
Heinrich Loescher von Rostock This person has a display of Arms in the record This person has a personal photo in the record3/17/2018Ivan  
Duncan Aaron of Windermere This person has a display of Arms in the record10/28/2018Morgan  
Simon Aaron of Windermere This person has a display of Arms in the record This person has a personal photo in the record4/6/2019Franbald  
Roland de Winter This person has a display of Arms in the record This person has a personal photo in the record11/3/2019Morgan  


 News & Updates  

New Names & Devices Passed - Sunday, June 14, 2020
Congratulations!  These names and devices were passed by the SCA College of Heralds in the March and April 2020 LoAR's and have been added to the Atenveldt OP:

Barony of Granite Mountain, Heraldic title Erminois Ermine Pursuivant.

Barony of Mons Tonitrus, Badge for Baronial Warband. Per bend sinister sable and vert, a wolf rampant maintaining two lightning bolts in saltire argent.

Cassandra Bakere the Chirurgeon. Device. Azure, a mortar and pestle and in chief a baker's peel fesswise argent charged with a loaf of bread palewise proper.

Fabio Ventura. Device change. Per bend argent and sable, a horned death's head and a bordure counterchanged.

Lucia de Broc. Name
Lucia de Broc. Device. Azure, a fleur-de-lys and an orle Or.

Milana Lancia. Reblazon of device. Per pale vert and Or, a vol and in chief three passion nails in pall inverted conjoined at their heads counterchanged.

Nuala Dalzel. Name.

Richard Niall. Name.
Richard Niall. Device.
Vert, a triquetra Or braced with an annulet argent, a chief Or.

Senan Valens. Name (change from holding name Shannon of Atenveldt)

Seonaid inghean Uí Mórdha. Device. Per pale sable and vert, a scorpion Or and a natural tiger's head couped Or marked sable, on a chief Or three lotus blossoms in profile sable.

Úlfrún galti Bergsdóttir. Name (change from holding name Misty of Atenveldt).

Viktor Iosif Syl'vestrov. Name change from Joseph Grünewald of York.

Wolffgang von Luxemburg. Device. Per pale sable and purpure, in saltire two double-bitted axes, in chief a longbow fesswise argent

Regarding Persona ID theft - Tuesday, November 20, 2007

From the President's Oct 2007 report

Persona Theft and False Awards and Honors.
I find myself compelled to use this space to speak to the membership about a fairly rare problem that has tripled in quantity and directly detracts from the inherent value of the entire system of Theatrical reenactment and recognition of excellence that flavor so much of the Society.

I refer here to the growing number of cases where we find someone either claiming to be possessed of the titles of a peer/noble/notable person - or outright stealing/borrowing the persona and titles of a person who labored long and hard for the honors and reputation being so casually nicked.

No sense of fame or positive regard is worth the ignominious and final demise that awaits the SCA career of anyone we catch doing this. And they are always caught.

I do not write of this problem and ask the membership to teach our new folk the value of earning honors as opposed to sneakily claiming them because I worry the perpetrators will get away with the caper. They will not.

I worry about the disheartening impact on the members and participants who work with good souls, a sound conscience, and can lose faith in what we are and seek to do when they encounter such crass thievery.

This growing problem will be stemmed by the swift and final treatment of those caught in the act of persona theft/false honors - that is my job and I am all over it. It will also be eased by teaching our new folk what the path to recognition is and encouraging them to walk upon it.

Vice President of Operations (Society Seneschal) - George Reed (Aaron faheud Swiftrunner of the Stone Keep)


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