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Monday, August 10, 2020
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Considerations on placing a bid for Kingdom Arts and Sciences Events

by Lady Eden Blacksmith

Deciding to place a bid for a Kingdom event can be a scary prospect. It is hoped that the information below will give you the tools to proceed. As with all Kingdom events share basic aspects. However, A&S events require some extra planning.

Some basic considerations must be taken into account before placing the bid.

What event are you considering?
There are basically two types of A&S events; Competitions and Collegia. Each have specific needs.

It is suggested that you read Autocrating a Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition and Autocrating a Kingdom Collegium before you began.

It will not matter how much support, experience or desire you have to run the event if you to do have a site able to meet the needs of the event.

How long do you have before the event?
It is hoped that all Kingdom events are planned a year in advance. You are highly encouraged to get your bid into the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences as soon as possible.

As a rule 6 months before the event is the best time to have the bid process completed so that all necessary arraignments can be made.

In the case of Collegia you need 6 months at least to advertise for teachers and schedule classes.

Do you have the complete backing and support of your group?

  • Does your group have enough resources to back the event. Do you have enough dedicated people within your group to help run the event? Can you expect that all financial requirements can be meet?
  • Will this event interfere with your groups other events, is your group willing to make considerations regarding any conflict.
  • Are there experienced autocrats within the group to turn to if needed. If no experienced autocrats are within the group are there mentors willing to assist.

A Kingdom event takes the efforts of the total group and while it may have one person as the autocrat it is the group’s reputation that is on the line.

Do you have the experience necessary for this type of event?
While not required it is suggested that the autocrat have prior-experience. If needed a mentor can be assigned to the autocrat.

To assist you in gaining knowledge of the event you could:

  • Assist on a former event
  • Read past Event Reports
  • Interview past autocrats
  • Contact the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences

In the case of a new group wishing to hold a Kingdom arts event contact the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences arraignments can be made for a member of your group to have a mentor or to observe the autocrat.

Holding a Kingdom event is a fantastic way for your group to gain exposure and for your group to serve the Kingdom.

What is required in the bid and who needs a copy of it?
When first considering placing a Kingdom Arts event bid contact the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences (KMoAS) first. He/She can assist you in placing the bid. It is the KMoAS responsibility to solicit and recommend bids. He/She will also be the one to submit your bid the Kingdom Financial Committee.

You will need to submit copies and keep one for yourself.

  1. Crown.
  2. A copy is to be sent each member of the Kingdom Financial Committee (KFC).
  3. A copy is sent to the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences
  4. A copy is to be sent to your Baron & Baroness, Baronial Seneschal and Baronial Exchequer if your Barony was involved in the financial aspects of the event. Or A copy is to be sent to your Shire Seneschal and Shire Exchequer if your Shire was involved in the financial aspects of the event.
  5. A copy is for your records. This copy is important! Don't neglect to do this!

A basic bid contains the following:

  • Name and contact information of prospective autocrat
  • Group name and notice of approval
  • Site details
  • planned activities
  • list of all fees

Budget Report
In many ways you are marketing your version of the event. Including pictures of the site, a plan for advertisement, prospective menu, prospective event notice, a resume on your autocrating experience, who will be assisting you , do you have any special plans for the event.....these and other aspects could move the vote to your side. It will also show the Committee that you have done the pre-planning required to assure them that you and your group is ready for this responsibility.

Below is a basic bid outline you may modify it to fit your needs.

  1. Introduction

    • state name, group name, notice of approval, event in question
    • Details you have planned; food, fighting, special events, fund rasiers....

  2. Site details

    • place
    • site fees
    • any special needs or requirements about site; no smoking, dry
    • aspects about the site that make it ideal for the event

  3. Proposed Budget Report

    • This report is broken into three areas Estimated Cost and Estimated Income and Estimated Profit
    • Some expenses can not be included into report and are not covered by SCA funds; have your groups Exchequer go over budget report before submitting bid.
    • Estimated Cost: list all estimated expenses (do not forget about any insurance needs), include everything you think you will need. Round up on cost consideration. Look at past event reports and confer with KmoAS on former budgets.
    • Estimated Income is found by multiplying expected attendance by site fees.
    • Estimated Profit is found by subtracting Estimated Income from Estimated Cost what is left over is profit to be split between the group and the Kingdom.

Non-member Surcharge (NMS)
Non-member surcharge of $3 to event fees .

How the NMS applies:

  1. The NMS will apply to events which meet the requirements defined in Corpora section II.C., "...Society events for which a full announcement including date, time, and place has been published in advance in the appropriate corporate publication;" and for which a fee or required donation to attend the event is charged.
  2. The NMS will not be collected if there is no fee or required donation to attend the event.
  3. The NMS will not be collected for minors for whom there is a discounted event fee.

If you have any questions regarding the NMS contact the Kingdom Seneschal and Kingdom Chancellor Of The Exchequer.

There are basically two ways set-up monies is determined on a Kingdom event level:

  1. The Kingdom fronts all monies.
  2. The group fronts all monies.

Then after all is paid as should any profit is split between the group and the Kingdom. There are other ways this money arraignment can take place; it is suggested that your groups Exchequer and the Kingdom Exchequer work out a plan that fits your groups needs the best.

If possible I suggest the arraignment that has your group fronting all the money, it seems to be the easiest in the accounting process. I would also suggest that you work it out so that the Kingdom receives their check the day of the event.

Know that you are not alone.
The Kingdom arts staff has people willing and waiting to assist you.

If you are planning a competition you may call on the services of the Drop-Dead, Mistress Meadhbh ni Dhubhthaigh, she along with other members of the staff and past autocrats are more than inclined to answer questions, research ideas and assist you in any way you need.

If you are planning a collegium you may call on the services of Lady Turrela Michelovna Vidmeyera, Mentor of Collegia and Editor of Atenveldt Artisans and Teacher's Directory, she can help the autocrat with teacher contact information, provide results of Suggestions on the Teaching and Taking of Classes, supply a list of possible teachers. She may also help the autocrat in any other capacity that is needed and acceptable to all parties.

You will also find that within your group are a lot of people wanting to help they only need to be asked. No event can be successfully run by one person it takes team work. I urge you to consider placing a bid for a Kingdom Arts and Sciences event. It can be a lot of fun and your Kingdom needs you.

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