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Overview of Recognitions and Awards in the Kingdom of Atenveldt

By Duchess Katerina O'Callaghan, Pel, LOA November, 2002

This is intended as a quick overview of the types of recognitions and awards you may see bestowed in the Kingdom of Atenveldt. For a full explanation of the award or recognition, ask your local herald. 1. THE KINGDOM'S TRADITIONAL RECOGNITIONS (NOT AWARDS) The Kingdom of Atenveldt has several recognitions given by tradition, but not defined or mentioned in Atenveldt Kingdom Law or the governing documents of the Society. Each of these recognitions is only held by one person in the Kingdom at a time. For example,

  • Bard of the Sun is a recognition given by the Crown to the winner of the Royal Bardic Competition.
  • Kingdom Shield of Chivalry is a recognition bestowed by the Queen of Atenveldt upon a fighter in the Atenveldt Crown List. It is presented for outstanding Chivalry on the field. While traditionally given to an unbelted fighter, some Queens have chosen to present it to members of the Chivalry (KSCA or MSCA).

When a new Bard of the Sun or Bearer of the Kingdom Shield of Chivalry is selected, the prior person holding the recognition retires from the position. 2. MEMBERS OF THE ROYAL COURT (NOT AWARDS) These positions are defined and explained in Atenveldt Kingdom Law, and are not awards or Greater or Lesser Officers (they are not warranted positions).

As defined in law, they are either selected by the Crown or chosen by competition. The law also states whether a new person is selected for the position once per reign or once per year. These positions include:

  • King's Champion of Atenveldt
  • Queen's Champion of Atenveldt
  • Aten Warlord
  • Champion of Arts and Sciences
  • Queen's Rapier Champion
  • Kingdom Archery Champion
  • Kingdom Youth Weapons Champion
  • Royal Chatelaine/Chamberlain
  • Atenveldt Crown Herald
  • Queen's Privy Secretary
  • Captain of the Royal/Queen's Guard

For a complete list and explanation of these positions, see section III.5 MEMBERS OF THE ROYAL COURT in Atenveldt Kingdom Law on the Atenveldt Kingdom website ( 3. KINGDOM AWARDS OF ATENVELDT These are official awards for the Kingdom of Atenveldt defined by Heraldic Charters and registered with the SCA College of Arms.

While the Charters are not included in the Kingdom Law, they are legal documents signed by the Crown and Kingdom Herald, and were last published in entirety in the gold-bound Order of Precedence sent to all Southwind subscribers in August, 1998.

Changes to the Heraldic Charters must be announced by the Crown in Court and published in Southwind to be official. These Charters explain what the awards are for, what regalia goes with them, when they were implemented, and where the award fits in the Order of Precedence for Atenveldt. There are two types of Kingdom of Atenveldt awards: Armigerous and non-Armigerous.

Armigerous awards include:

Award Badge & Blazon
Light of Atenveldt (CLA) and the Commander for this Order

Per pale argent and azure, a sun in its glory and a bordure Or.

Fleur de Soleil (CFS) and the Commander for this Order Or, five fleurs-de-lys in annulo, tips outward, gules.
Hawks Lure (CHL) and the Commander for this Order
Azure Archer (CAA) and the Commander for this Order Azure, a sun in his splendor Or within seven pheons in annulo, points outward, argent and a bordure Or.
Queens Grace (QQG) and the Commander for this Order
Defenders of the White Scarf (DWS)
Lions of Atenveldt (LOA)
Thegns and Bannthegns of Atenveldt (former Territorial Barons and Baronesses)
La Orden Del Sirviente Del Sol (CSD) Azure, a demi-sun Or. (Currently in submission)
Le Ordre Le Artisan De Soleil (CAS) Or, three fleurs-de-lys in annulo, bases to center, azure. (Currently in submission)
Order of the Blood of Fenris (CBF) (fieldless) A wolf passant argent goutty de sang. (Currently in submission)
Order of the Sword of the Rose (CSR) (Order of the Golden Blade?) Azure, two rapiers inverted crossed in saltire and in base a rose, Or. (Currently in submission)
Order of the Sable Pheon (SPC) Or, three pheons in annulo, points outward, sable, a bordure indented azure. (Currently in submission)
Le Orden De La Luz De La Estrellas - Three levels (LDG, LDB, LDA) Per chevron inverted azure mullety argent, and argent. (Currently in submission)

Non-Armigerous awards include:

Award Badge & Blazon
Kings Sigil (CKS)
Queens Cypher (BQC)
Hope of the Sun of Atenveldt (HSA) Or, a branch bendwise sinister vert between two scarpes within a bordure indented azure.
Lions Pride of Atenveldt (LPA)
Order of the Builders of Atenveldt (household/group award) Per pale azure and Or, a sun counterchanged. (Currently in submission)

The Kingdom Abacus Herald (you can find this address in Southwind) is the keeper of the Heraldic Charters for all of these Atenveldt Kingdom Awards. 4. SOCIETY LEVEL AWARDS These are official awards of the Society for Creative Anachronism and are defined in Corpora (see, not in Atenveldt Kingdom Law (although some Kingdoms can apply additional requirements in their Kingdom Law). These are also registered with the SCA College of Arms, but are recognized and presented by the Crowns in all SCA Kingdoms. These include:

  • Knight of the Society of Creative Anachronism(KSCA)
  • Master at Arms of the Society of Creative Anachronism (MSCA)
  • Companion of the Laurel (OL)
  • Companion of the Pelican (Pel)
  • Court Baron or Court Baroness
  • Grant of Arms (GOA)
  • Award of Arms (AOA)
  • Lady of the Rose (LOR)

5. REIGNING ROYALTY Reigning Royalty is defined for all Kingdoms of the Society for Creative Anachronism in Corpora (see These are established not in Kingdom Law, however, some Kingdoms apply additional requirements for these positions in their Kingdom Law (like specific Kingdom requirements to enter a Crown List or warrant periods for Territorial Baron and Baroness). These include:

  1. King and Queen (of a Kingdom, also called the "Crown")
  2. Crown Prince and Princess (Heirs to a Crown in a Kingdom)
  3. Prince and Princess (of a Principality, also called "Coronets")
  4. Tanist and Tanista (Heirs to a Coronet)
  5. Territorial Baron and Baroness (Landed Nobility of a Barony)

6. RANKS ACHIEVED AFTER REIGNING These ranks are defined for all Kingdoms of the Society for Creative Anachronism in Corpora (see, and must be presented by a Crown or Coronet. These include:

  • Duke and Duchess (presented after a second Reign as Crown, also called a "Duchy")
  • Count and Countess (presented after the first Reign as Crown, also called a "County")
  • Viscount and Viscountess (presented after the first Reign as Coronet, also called a "Viscounty")

I hope this answers some questions about rank, awards and recognitions in the Kingdom of Atenveldt, and points people to places where more information is available.

Remember, if you have additional questions, you can always email or call the herald for your local group, or the Atenveldt Principal Herald. Heralds love to answer questions - it's part of the fun they have in our Current Middle Ages!

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