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Saturday, January 19, 2019
Officer Want Ads
 Kingdom Want Ads  

Estrella War Main Event Stewards for Estrella XXXVI, 2020

The Crown and Seneschal of Atenveldt are soliciting applications for the position of Main Event Steward(s) for Estrella War in 2020), to be held in February/March of 2020. This position may be filled by a single person or a small team. Accepting letters until January, 28 2019

The current Event Stewards, Duchess Nichelle Whitewolf, Countess Slaine inghean Ui Sheanain, Lady Emma Makeblise, and Master Gavin McLaren  invite all interested parties to contact them with inquiries about the event at

They further encourage any applicants to work with them on Estrella War XXXV (35) in 2019, in order to allow for hands on training.

Responsible for budgeting, overall management, organization and publicizing of a specific Estrella War.  They have responsibility for the event until the Final Event Summary Report and Event Financial Reports are published and a proper accounting has been completed regarding all funds. This responsibility continues even after their successors have assumed office.

Applications must be sent to the Crown of Atenveldt,

  • Include a real world and SCA resume detailing each applicant’s relevant experience,
  • Include a resume’ for a designated Emergency Deputy,
  • Include a list of potential sub-autocrats,
  • Detail any important changes the applicants wish to make in the administration of the event.

Let us continue to give the Knowne World a quality war event. Estrella War demonstrates all the best of the Dream we all enjoy!

Emergency Deputy Kingdom Keeper of the Regalia

The Kingdom Regalia Officer and Kingdom Exchequer  are soliciting applications for the position of Emergency Kingdom Keeper of Regalia. This position reports to the Kingdom Keeper of Regalia.
Emergency Kingdom Keeper of Regalia works with the Kingdom Keeper of Regalia to maintain all items owned by the Kingdom and local groups including Estrella War. Should the occasion arise where the Kingdom Keeper of Regalia is unable to fulfill the position the Emergency Keeper of Regalia would become “acting” Kingdom Keeper of Regalia during the time required to advertise and fill the position.

Send letters to: and the Kingdom Exchequer at

Other Kingdom Officer Applications Needed!!


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