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Sunday, February 25, 2018
Officer Want Ads
 Kingdom Want Ads  

Kingdom Media Relations Officer

The current Kingdom Media Relations Officer is stepping down, therefore applications are being accepted. This position is covered by a two-year warrant, and reports monthly and quarterly to the Kingdom Seneschal and the Society’s Deputy Seneschal for Media Relations, with copies to the Crown.

The Media Officer is responsible for:
• Collecting all media coverage of SCA events and activities and sending them to the Corporate Media Officer. This includes print, television, radio and internet articles, or broadcasts.
• Immediately make the Society Officer aware of any reportable media events and/or press contacts.
• Reviewing all copy that is sent to non-SCA media outlets.
• Coordinating with all Kingdom branches and insuring that local seneschals are familiar with and can adhere to the Society’s media policy.
• Appointing and overseeing the activities of the Estrella War Media Liaison.
• Providing press kits for EW Media Liaison and local seneschals.
• Insuring that commercial photographers and filmmakers are aware of the Society’s rules and are referred to the Corporate Media Officer. 
• Coordinate media relations with all large events (2,000 attendees or more. The Media Officer may appoint a deputy for this purpose.)
Qualifications for the Kingdom Media Relations Officer include good writing skills and the ability to speak to reporters and the public. Must be willing and able to emphasize the fact the Society is a family-friendly, educational corporation, and must be fully acquainted with Society Seneschal’s Policy on Media Relations and External Publicity.

The Officer must have:
• Clean-cut image
• Professional style
• Knowledge of the rules, purpose, and policies of the Society for Creative Anachronism.
• Skill at avoiding unfortunate topics.
• Skill as a public speaker
• Able to use vocabulary that is both meaningful and palatable to the public.

Please send letters of intent along with a real world and SCA resume via email to the Society Media Relations Officer, the Kingdom Seneschal, and the Crown
(Posted November 2017)

Kingdom Fireball Herald

The Kingdom Herald is seeking applications for the position of the Kingdom Fireball Herald. The Fireball Herald is responsible for recording, maintaining, and creating all official Kingdom Ceremonies. Fireball is also the emergency deputy for the Aten Principal Herald. Fireball Herald must be able to work closely with the Crown, Principal Herald and deputies. As the position could also need to assume the Greater Officer position with very little notice, applicants should have strong writing and organizational skills, word processing, spreadsheet and email skills, and access to a computer and the Internet, the ability to respond quickly to email and/or phone communication. Knowledge of Kingdom Law and sumptuary traditions, Kingdom Heraldic Administrative policies, and current awards and award structure would be helpful. Applications and/or questions should be sent to Aten Principal Herald at Please copy Crown, Heirs (if applicable) and Kingdom Seneschal. Include an SCA resume and an outline of any relevant modern world experience or qualifications.
(Posted Octoberr 2017)

Emergency Deputy Kingdom Keeper of the Regalia

The Kingdom Regalia Officer and Kingdom Exchequer  are soliciting applications for the position of Emergency Kingdom Keeper of Regalia. This position reports to the Kingdom Keeper of Regalia.
Emergency Kingdom Keeper of Regalia works with the Kingdom Keeper of Regalia to maintain all items owned by the Kingdom and local groups including Estrella War. Should the occasion arise where the Kingdom Keeper of Regalia is unable to fulfill the position the Emergency Keeper of Regalia would become “acting” Kingdom Keeper of Regalia during the time required to advertise and fill the position.

Send letters to: and the Kingdom Exchequer at

Kingdom Social Media Officer and Deputy(s)

Social Media Officer & Deputy(s)
Posted: August 26, 2017

Duties include, but are not limited to maintaining the Kingdom of Atenveldt Groups and Pages as outlined by the SCA, Inc. Social Media Policy as published and updated by the Society Seneschal office.  You will be responsible for monitoring content and updating events, groups and pages as needed.  Experience with Facebook a must and Twitter preferred.  You may choose to have deputies as needed for content and administration demands. 

Officers must be able to:

Administer the office in a fair and tempered manner remembering you are the voice of your Office and when using pages, the voice of Atenveldt.

Use proper etiquette and grammar.

You must have an ability to access the internet and pages from your phone and computer, both during day and evening hours. While we do not expect you to be online at all times, you should be "connected". 

Officers must meet the approval of the Seneschal's Office and the Crown.  Applications will be accepted to the following emails: &  

This ad will run until suitable candidates have been approved & warranted.

Other Kingdom Officer Applications Needed!!


For information contact Dame Anita de Challis at

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