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Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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 Office of the Kingdom Sheriff  

Kingdom Sheriff
Runa Gigja
Office Warrant Ends: 9/1/2022
Office History
Emergency Deputy Kingdom Sheriff
Office History
Deputy Kingdom Sheriff
Office History

 Property Claims  


To CLAIM or REPORT an item, please contact the Atenveldt Kingdom Sheriff's Office at so that arrangements can be made to get your item back to you!

The Sheriff's auction will be held on Sunday at Estrella War every year at Watch Point.

Displayed items will include the General Kingdom Lost & Found, as well as the items collected from the previous year's Estrella War.  The populace is always encouraged to attend the events in which the items are to be displayed, as well as visiting Watch Point to claim their property.  (When visiting Watch Point, please be prepared to give a more detailed description of your property than that which is listed in the above lists/links so that we can confirm your ownership.)

With the Inter-Kingdom nature of the Estrella War comes the need for this office to return property to subjects of other Kingdoms.  Those gentles are encouraged to contact the Atenveldt Kingdom Sheriff's Office ( and make arrangements for the return of their property directly.  Please be aware that this process can take some time and that you will be asked to pay for the shipping of the item if necessary.  

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